The Grupo M Foundation was created in 1998 with the purpose of meeting the demands and needs of our communities, supporting of social, cultural, socio-economic, education, sports, environmental bonding initiatives and projects and any other area that promotes human development.

Grupo M Foundation currently develops the following programs:


Health Services

  • General Medicine Consultation
  • Dental Clinic
  • Clinic Laboratory
  • Psychiatric Services on-site
  • Ambulance services

Prevention Programs

  • Gynecoobstetricy Control Pregnancy Club
  • Surgery operatives Mission
  • Visual Testing Control
  • Epidemic Control programs
  • Vaccinations
  • HIV Program control – OIT
  • Milk Bank. Breasting
  • Health consultant volunteer program among the families.

Education and Training

  • Continuing Educational and training Programs for all employees.
  • Training Department on sites.
  • Scholarship Program Dra Dilcia P de Capellan
  • Fostering of “Escuela Laguna Prieta”
  • Violence Prevention Programs
  • Freedom of Association
  • Financial Literacy Courses
  • Back to School Program
  • Child day care and education center
  • Student Merit Recognition
  • Summer Program for Employees’children

Children Programs

  • Back to School programs
  • Child Day care center
  • Student Excellence Award
  • Summer Program for employees's children
  • Students Scholarships
  • Children's creative evening

Sport and culture

  • Employee and Community Recreational sports
  • Soccer and Softball indoor teams
  • Talent Shows
  • Radio Tele Power : Educational, Entertainment


Environmental - Green Awareness

  • Waste Recycling
  • Reforestation Programs
  • Trash can donation to the City

Olitas Verdes. Coast Preservation program